Vegan options in Kinsale

Kinsale Knows Colour

Kinsale is such a nice place where you can enjoy just walking through colorful streets, looking at beautiful landscapes or... having a vegan meal! Yes, Kinsale has a few interesting vegan options that I've been discovering over the last months. So if you're planning to spend a day there, keep reading to know where to get your vegan meals.

Gourmet Pantry

vegan roll Gourmet Pantry

This place has a beautiful display with ready meals, treats and desserts for take away. Some of their vegan options include soups, stews and bake trays. If you're looking for something ready to go, they've recently introduced the vegan bowls and have also wraps. But I highly recommend you the vegan sausage roll, sooo good.

Lemon Leaf

carrot orange soup and buddha bowl Lemon Leaf

Pretty nice finding on a cold Sunday, this cozy place is great for warming you up. From breakfast to dinner, they have a few vegan options for every time of the day. I've seen a vegan breakfast -that I haven't tried myself-, falafel wrap, buddha bowls, roasted veg sandwich and some dessert (caramel slice if I remember well). The soup is generous size and comforting, just remember to ask for vegan bread. 

The Flying Poet

vegan soup and sandwich The Flying Poet Kinsale

Another lovely spot in Kinsale. This is a small place full of books with a counter full of sweets (none of them vegan, unfortunately) and nice staff. Their menu includes just a few sandwiches -one vegan- and soup -vegan as well-.


chocolate hazelnuts Koko Kinsale

This is an artisan chocolate shop full of treats, many of them vegan. Great options for a gift, or for treating yourself, as assorted chocolates, hazelnuts covered in chocolate, chocolate spread -that happens to be vegan-, different types of chocolate bars... They also have a hot chocolate and other hot drinks, choosing between a few non-dairy milks.

Malay Kitchen

noodles Malay Kitchen Kinsale

Being a regular at their spot in Cork city center, I assume food will be as good here in Kinsale. If you haven't tried this place, let me tell you that most of their menu can be made vegan -with tofu or seitan instead of meat-. They make Malaysian food, such as noodles, rice and curries. And they have vegan brownies and vegan caramel square for dessert!


Trident Hotel

Kinsale Trident hotel menu

I haven't been in this place yet, but I've seen around that they have vegan options, so I'm adding it here for you. Checking their menu online there are some interesting things that make me wanna try: vegan caesar salad, toasted sandwich, thai curry, beyond burger and chocolate tart. 

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