Where to find vegan sweet treats in Cork

Sweet treats

Cork is such a small city and when it comes to sugar cravings, you may think that there are not many choices, specially for vegan options. Well I made my own research and was pleasantly surprised... Continue to read to see what you can find.


16-17 Oliver Plunkett St, Centre, Cork

Last year Caffe Nero added a few vegan options and some of them can still be found in their place in Oliver Plunkett.

Vegan chocolate cheesecake Caffe Nero
Chocolate vegan cheesecake

Vegan raspberry croissant Caffe Nero
Raspberry croissant


Unit 2 English Market, Princes St, Cork

Even if I see their stall many times, it wasn’t until last month that I tried some of their sweets. The orange and chocolate brownie was lovely, but it’s not always available.

Orange chocolate brownie My Goodness
Orange chocolate brownie


8 Winthrop Street - Centre, Cork

I recently found out that this hidden cafĂ© in the very city center has some vegan brownies! And it’s open until late.

Cafe Eco mocha hazelnut brownie
Mocha hazelnut brownie
Cafe Eco orange and squash brownie
Orange and squash brownie


24 Sullivan's Quay - Ballintemple, Cork

Quay Coop is a great place for sweet cravings for two reasons: they have many vegan options and they are open until late.

Quay Coop Restaurant vegan cheesecake
Quay Coop Restaurant chocolate avocado cake
Chocolate avocado cake

Quay Coop Restaurant vegan chocolate cupcake
Chocolate cupcake

Quay Coop Restaurant vegan caramel slice
Caramel slice


18 Castle St, Centre, Cork

Popsicle heaven plenty of vegan options! Popsicles here are made with natural ingredients and you can dip yours in dark chocolate or add some toppings. They also have non-dairy milks as well in case you fancy a hot chocolate or a coffee.

Vegan popsicles Popsicle.ie
Vegan coconut chocolate popsicle Popsicle.ie
Coconut popsicle dipped in dark chocolate


FitzGerald’s Park, Cork / Pier Head House, Blackrock, Cork

Anything better than a bakery making vegan sweets?

The Natural Foods Bakery vegan salted caramel squares
 Salted caramel squares
The Natural Foods Bakery lemon chocolate tarts
Lemon or chocolate tarts


Cornmarket Centre - Centre, Cork
The vegan sweet options you can find here are pretty much the same than The Natural Foods Bakery.

De Calf chocolate tart
Chocolate tart
De Calf lemon tart
Lemon tart


Washington Street - Centre, Cork

I fell in love with Pink Moon the first time I went to this place asking about their vegan sweet treats and the girl told me “all of these are vegan”... how not to fall in love with them? They don't have always the same things, I suggest you to check their instagram account to see what's new.

Vegan blondie Pinkmoon
Almond blondie
Pink Moon vegan magic bar
Magic bar

Pink Moon vegan coconutter bar
Coconutter bar
Pink Moon vegan lime coconut slices
 Lime & coconut mousse slices

Pink Moon peanut butter jelly vegan slices
Peanut butter and jelly slices
Pink Moon salted chocolate vegan tart
Salted chocolate tart


2 Washington St. - Centre, Cork

This little Italian cafe in Washington Street has 2 or 3 vegan options. My favourite is the vegan croissant (that can be plain or with blueberries). They also have a berries and almond sponge and power balls. 

Vegan croissants Cafe Torino
Plain / Blueberry croissants
Vegan almond sponge Cafe Torino
Almond and berries sponge


34 Pope's Quay - Shandon, Cork

Sometimes vegan sweets don’t look so yummy, even if they are delicious. That’s what I thought about the peanut and chocolate butter cup, but trust me, it worths a visit.

Myo Cafe vegan raspberry flapjack
 Raspberry flapjack
Myo Cafe peanut and chocolate butter cup
 Peanut and chocolate butter cup


14 George's Quay - Ballintemple, Cork

This Palestinian cafe is not vegan, but they have a couple of delicious vegan options. The vegan cheesecake was above my expectations!

Vegan cheesecake Izz Cafe
Vegan cheesecake


Paradise Place, S Main St, Centre, Cork

I love the vegan brownies from Malay Kitchen, but didn’t try their other vegan sweet treats yet.

Vegan brownie Malay Kitchen
Vegan brownie


68a Oliver Plunkett St, Centre, Cork

Swoon has also a vegan option, in case you didn’t know! It’s only the vegan coconut vanilla frozen yogurt and you can add a few toppings, as fresh fruits, biscoff sauce and crushed biscoff or oreo cookies. 

Vegan frozen yogurt Swoon

Vegan Sweet Treats in Cork Map


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