Where to have a vegan burger in Cork

vegan burger Cork

Vegan burgers, along with falafel, seem to be the most popular vegan option for non vegan restaurants. Because, who doesn't like a burger? :-D I've gathered here all the places that offer vegan burgers in Cork. If you know another one that doesn't appear in this guide, just let me know and I'll add it.

At the end of this post, you'll find the map to Vegan Burgers in Cork, so you can add it to your favorites.

Liberty Grill

32 Washington St, Centre, Cork

vegan burger Liberty Grill Cork

A fancy place with a few vegan options that won't disappoint you. Their blackened tempeh burger served with rustic fries has become a classic. And the staff, other than super nice, is really aware about vegan diet (offering you vegan mayonnaise or informing about their vegan desserts).


15-16 Princes St, Centre, Cork

I've seen a Vegan Veef Burger in Clancy's menu and decided to add it here, even if I haven't tried yet. But I thing it's worth a visit, so hopefully I'll add a picture soon.

West Cork Burger Co.

32 Washington St, Centre, Cork

vegan bacon cheese burger West Cork Burger Co.

The vegan bacon cheese burger and a portion of their famous fries (for me, the best fries in Cork) will make you not miss meat at all. But if you are not feeling that hungry (believe me, you should be if you wanna enjoy the vegan bacon cheese burger), you may want to choose any of their different vegan options, like the Vegan Japanese Burger, or create your own from the options available in the menu. 


18 Kyle St, Centre, Cork

vegan burger Vegan.KO Cork

What can I say about Vegan.KO that has not been said yet? Definitely the best vegan burgers I’ve had here in Cork. Incredibly tasty, good consistency, right pairings… My favorite is the cheesKO burger, but all that I've tried here is super good. Recently they opened a shop in the city center.

Sober Lane

5 Sullivan’s Quay, Centre, Cork

vegan burger Sober Lane

Sober Lane has a massive vegan burger called Hit the Road Jack (love the name) that it’s worth to try. Not the usual beyond burger or chickpea patty, this one is made from jack fruit and is full of flavour.


5 French Church St, Centre, Cork

vegan burger Coqbull

I went to Coqbull before the lockdown, as soon as they launched a vegan option that seemed delicious: mushroom umami burger w/ vegan pepper sauce, vegan cheese & rocket. Not the usual vegan patty, it's softer than the ones you find in most places, but still good. All the burgers are served with fries, that it's something that I really appreciate. And there was a delicious vegan dessert as well.


77 Grand Parade, Centre, Cork

A few people told me that SoHo serves the Beyond Meat burger with vegan cheese and their burger sauce.

Old Town Whiskey Bar

44-45 Cornmarket St, Centre, Cork

Their menu includes a plant based burger patty served with vegan cheese, pickled red cabbage and vegan mayo.


Mahon Shopping Center

KFC vegan burger Cork

Oh yes, I had to add KFC. Not only they have a vegan burger, it's also good! (Specially compared with the ones that you can find in similar fast food chains... McDonald's I'm talking about you). KFC vegan burger is a QUORN™ fillet, coated with herbs and spices with fresh lettuce and vegan mayo. 

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