Where to find a vegan pizza in Cork

Where to find a vegan pizza in Cork

Pizza is one of my favourite things to eat. Obviously I prefer an Italian pizza, cooked in a wood-fired oven, with just a few good ingredients on top. If you're like me, a pizza lover, Cork won’t disappoint you. Here you have a bunch of places serving good vegan pizzas in Cork.

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Pompeii Pizza (Franciscan Well)

14 N Mall, Sunday’s Well, Cork

vegan pizza mushrooms truffle oil Pompeii Cork  vegan pizza aubergines Pompeii Corkvegan pizza Pompeii Cork
vegan pizza mushrooms Pompeii Cork
No tomato, mushrooms and truffle oil / Aubergines / Special (aubergines, mushrooms and pomegranate seeds) / Mushrooms

I heard a lot (meaning, I’ve seen really tempting pics on Instagram) about this place before having the chance to try their vegan pizza. When I finally went there, I was pleasantly surprised. The pizzas are large, with a beautiful dough and original topping options. The one that I tried had aubergines, mushrooms, vegan mozzarella and pomegranate seeds. Delicious. As they are located inside the famous brewery Franciscan Well, you can pair your pizza with a good beer.

Bella Napoli

4 French Church St, Centre, Cork
vegan pizza olives mushrooms Bella Napoli Corkvegan pizza Bella Napoli vegetables

vegan pizza margherita Bella Napoli Cork
Mushrooms and olives / No tomato and veg / Vegan margherita

This place surprisingly opened during the lockdown offering pizzas and other dishes for delivery and take away. They don’t have any vegan option in the menu, but you can order your pizza with vegan mozzarella. And trust me, this is a real Napolitan pizza! The pizzaiolo is from Naples and he definitely knows how to do his job.

Oak Fire Pizza

29 Princes St, Centre, Cork

vegan pizza mushrooms truffle oil Oak Fire Pizza Cork vegan pizza roasted vegetables Oak Fire Pizza Cork vegan pizza olives basil Oak Fire Pizza Cork
vegan pizza Oak Fire Pizza Cork
No tomato, mushrooms and truffle oil / Roasted vegetables / Olives and basil / Vegan pizza

Oak Fire Pizza guys had already two restaurants before opening this place in Cork, so they really know their stuff. The place, in the very city center, is simple and small, but friendly. The staff is super nice and accommodating. And the pizzas, the pizzas are so good. Nice dough, delicious vegan mozzarella and good ingredients. There is just one vegan option on the menu, but you can customize the pizzas and make your own.

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20/21 Princes St, Centre, Cork

Vegan pizza in Cork Burnt

Just in front of Oak Fire Pizza there is this fancy restaurant that serves pizzas and other Italian dishes. Whether it’s somehow expensive, the pizzas are really good, with a few vegan options. I love the vegan mozzarella they use so I use to order the margherita o the ortolana. You’ll be surprised that they have also calzone in the menu, with a vegan option available, and a vegan chocolate brownie for dessert.


9 Castle Street, Cork

vegan pizza taglio aubergines Sonflourvegan pizza taglio truffle Sonflour
vegan pizza taglio pesto Sonflour

Not the round pizza you may be expecting. Instead Sonflour offers pizza al taglio romana, which is baked in a rectangular tray and served in rectangular slices. The dough is thick, but light and crispy. And the different topping options have the most beautiful names. Just be aware that a few of their pizzas have dairy cheese but there are plenty of vegan options. And being a vegan and vegetarian restaurant, you’ll find other vegan options apart from pizza, like fresh made pasta and delicious desserts.


2 Church St, Douglas, Cork

Vegan pizza in Cork Palmento

Palmento was my very favourite place in Cork for pizza. A bit far away from city center (Douglas), but guys, this Authentic Neapolitan pizza, cooked in a wood-fired oven with the same flavour and consistency than the Italian one deserves the trip. Unfortunately the last time I went for dinner, they changed the vegan mozzarella for a classic vegan cheese that didn’t work with the delicious pizza margherita I ordered. If they come back to the vegan mozzarella, this will be my favourite place again.


8 Oliver Plunkett St, Centre, Cork

I’d neve imagine to find a vegan pizza in an Italian pizzeria chain like Milano. Thanks to Deliveroo, the bad weather and a lazy evening, I found myself checking vegan options to be delivered at home, and then I found Milano. Pizzas are a bit small, with a thin and crunchy dough, definitely not the traditional ones, but they were better than expected. Again, if you’re not in the mood for pizza, you can choose among different vegan options on the menu. I’ll tell you about it, as I’ve just seen that there is a vegan calzone…

Vegan pizza in Cork map

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